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Links and Resources


  • Look up Legislative Information on the Internet
  • United States House of Representatives
  • Identify and/or Write Your Representative
  • United States Senate
  • Contact Your Senator
  • National Conference of State Legislatures
    As well as maintaining a database for legislative staff, the site also gives public users access to NCSL reports, meetings schedule, and a gateway to state legislative sites. NCSL print publications also can be ordered.
  • Congressional Quarterly
    The Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report provides comprehensive non-partisan legislative news and analysis for what is happening on Capitol Hill; it is full-text going back to 1983. The CQ Researcher covers the most current and controversial issues of the day with summaries, insight into all sides of the issues and bibliographies; it is full-text going back to November, 1991.

Federal Agencies:  

Other federal agency web pages are listed at the following sites: